#TOLHC Wellness Wednesdays with Shamama


This group is being formed to offer you an abundance of diverse information, so that you can see what resonates with you and inspire and support areas of your life that you may want to start making some shifts.

It is a fun and interactive way to learn more about many things related to health and wellness and how to incorporate them into your lifestyle.  Bring your wellness goals and ideas for what you feel would support you best this year. There will be different things to participate in each week, some weeks we will have discussions on topics like:
- the benefits of moving towards a more plant-based lifestyle,
- how energy work like Shamanic Illuminations and Reiki can help,
- how to reduce your overall toxic load,
- go on walks together,
- have opportunities for free far infrared sauna sessions,
- brainstorm ways on how to reduce our imprint on the environment,
- and I’m super stoked that we will be having live, in person webinars that you can attend with special guests to learn about other healing modalities that can benefit your lasting overall wellness!

Email or message me your ideas for topics and modalities you want to learn more about!

Locations will vary but mainly be in Chapel Hill, Hillsborough and Mebane in the mornings.

We will post on MeetUp, the FaceBook Event and in the Private Facebook Group where the next Wednesday will be, what we will be doing and watch the live webinars if you can’t be there in person. Even if you cannot attend each week (or ever) live and in person, you are still welcome and encouraged to join the Facebook group, ask questions, watch replays, participate in the continuing conversations and be supported in your decision to take charge of your own health and wellness.

Please like and share the Facebook page and contact me at mytolhc@gmail.com

Tentative Schedule and locations for each Wednesday of the Month:

  • 1st Wednesday - Meet and Talk Wellness, currently at 83 Williams Circle, Chapel Hill off Manns Chapel Rd from 9:30 -10:30 am.  See what is working for us and which areas we need to work on supporting better. Bring your health and wellness goals and have an opportunity for Wellness Breakthrough conversations to help determine which one area you can work on first that would help align you with your goal better.

  • 2nd Wednesday - Learn from our Guest Speakers - Location TBD 9:30 - 10:30 am  Some will be talks and some will be demos.

  • 3rd Wednesday - Connect and Walk in Nature, Mostly Hillsborough locations 8:30 - 9:30 am.  This is not to reach a target heart rate, this is a slow walk to connect with each other while enjoying a stroll in nature.  Rain option is to meet at Weaver Street in Hillsborough for coffee/tea

  • 4th Wednesday - Learn and Discuss different ways to support the body naturally 9:30-10:30 am, currently at 83 Williams Circle, Chapel Hill near Cole Park Plaza off Manns Chapel Rd.  Topics will vary but some will cover how to reduce toxins in body care and cleaning products, supporting health naturally through essential oils, plant-based lifestyle choices, how energy work can help support you, and more.

  • Occasional 5th Wednesday - TBD




PlantPure Jumpstart Testimonial

“Hi! I wanted to give you a quick update after the 10 days! My mother’s total cholesterol went down 18 points and triglycerides went down 140 points! My total cholesterol went down 41 points, LDL went down 27 points, and my triglycerides went down 68 points! I am thrilled with these results after just 10 days and appreciate all you guys are doing to help people live healthier lives! – Suzanne L., Knightdale, North Carolina (Taken from PlantPure Testimonial page)


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