I'm honored to be Your Shamama

Thank you for being here!  This is where I have an opportunity to talk to you like a Mama would talk to her loved ones, so if you are here, I know you probably have had many experiences in your life that have be difficult and that healing from life isn't always easy, so I want you to know I am proud of you for showing up to try and heal and be the best you that you can be! 


How I got to the nickname Shamama:

Being trained in how to use energy, plants, essential oils and natural products to help with everyday things hasn't always been understood or readily accepted by everyone around me.  Literally, my brother jokes that he thinks I have a pin cushion doll of him ;)  Fortunately, those that have been open and feel a resonance with the support that these services offer, often reach out for themselves and recommend others to come to me for support.  One of the funniest times was when a friend of ours son had another friend hanging out with us too and apparently told his friend his version of "what I do".  Well, the son got hurt and his friend told him to have me look at what happened and the friend said "you said she was a doctor, right?" and to that, the son said back, "yea, a witch doctor!"  We all cracked up, but that was the term of endearment that he had called me for a few years and it was at that point I decided it may be time to think of another "title".  I thought about it a while and came to the conclusion, I am a Mama training under Shamans, so "Shamama" was born :)


It is from that perspective that I would like to offer advice and guidance from the teachings that I have learned so far and have changed how I look at the world and events. As I open and learn more, my perspective is in constant evolution, questioning, assessing and deciding what is in most alignment for me at this time. It is from this vantage point that I talk to my family, my children and my friends, which since you are here, you are one too! Thank you for being here and being open to questioning, assessing and seeing what is in alignment for you to take with you as you continue your journey on this adventure we call Life. 


I will continue to add to and update this section, so please check out my blog and get a feel for who I am and the perspective I am coming from. 


As things grow and evolve, I will be adding videos, links, recipes and articles that will help support and guide you on your journey to living and thriving in life from a place of connected awareness. 


May your journey be blessed with much Love, Gratitude and Light.


Munay (Love),

Your Shamama


PlantPure Jumpstart Testimonial

“Hi! I wanted to give you a quick update after the 10 days! My mother’s total cholesterol went down 18 points and triglycerides went down 140 points! My total cholesterol went down 41 points, LDL went down 27 points, and my triglycerides went down 68 points! I am thrilled with these results after just 10 days and appreciate all you guys are doing to help people live healthier lives! – Suzanne L., Knightdale, North Carolina (Taken from PlantPure Testimonial page)


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